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One of the Shark Tank guys said he'd hook me up with his accountant, I told him "Nope. Already got THE guy."

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You've helped us and our clients save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars! You're the freaking guy!

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Thank you so much. This was so much easier than last year...just everything is easy with you.

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Our staff has never been happier. Thank you for all the money and time you've gotten back for me.

JT Pells Accounting Services

JT Pells, CPA

"9/9 On The Immaculate Grid"

-pimped a home run in his final college at bat

-on a mission to surf all four oceans

-knows Salsa, Bachata, and the Soulja Boy

Drew Pells, not CPA

"Han shot first"

-semifinalist at China Int'l Comedy Festival 2017

-will visit all six Disneylands in his life

-finishes a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds

Joshua Thompson, EA


"Shoes will last me years"

-served in the Marines 

-hopes to finish the entire IRS tax code this century

-makes the best homemade pizza crust

VIBE Magazine's

Tax & Accounting Firm Of The Year (2027)


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